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1 Cold Call Script (my best ever)

It's made over >£20M in revenue

Chris Ritson

26 May 2023

3 mins

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Fun fact about me: 

I started my business 12 days after my son was born. Am I crazy? Maybe. 

Anyways, last week I made a promise to give you my most successful call script ever. 

Here you go…

My best-ever Cold Call script: 

Cold-Call Mastery is a combination of 3 skills: 

  1. The words you say 

  2. How well do you deliver them (tone)

  3. How well do you handle the prospect’s responses (objection handling) 

Most people don’t break it down into those 3 parts. Try it. You’ll see it’s easier if you do. 

For this newsletter I’m only going to focus on skill number 1; the words you say. 

And to master that skill I ALWAYS recommend using script templates. 

I’ve tried 100s in the last 10 years. 

Some of them went shockingly. 

Some are a little better. 

5ish years ago I started using the script below and it’s helped SDRs book meetings that have led to >£30M in revenue. 

Here it is…. 

My Cold Call Script

Good luck!! 

P.S. You’ll notice I don’t change things that continue to work. It’s an old script but why change a winning formula?

SDR Leader Spotlight:

Delighted to introduce all 600+ of you to Nathan Baines, Global SDR Manager @ Adway.

His journey:

When I met Nathan I knew I’d like him. He’s a Newcastle fan. He speaks 4 languages and has lived in 6 countries! Post uni he went into the events industry as an AE selling deals at the 50k mark (not bad for a ‘grad’). He then joined Adway as a sales manager and naturally got roped into SDR leadership a few months later. His team of SDRs got ‘Team of the Year’ and has grown from 4-12! Sales Development wasn’t his original plan but it’s a brilliant success story! 

His mantra (in her words):

Control the present, plan for the future, and strive for excellence. 

His advice for new SDR leaders:

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just own them when they happen. Experiment as much as possible. What wins today may not win tomorrow so you need to be prepared. Dedicate 100% to every single person on your team. There is no single leadership style that will suit them all. Adapt and win. 

Thanks, Nathan, ya legend! 

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© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.

© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.