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1 Framework for Managing SDR Expectations

I've used this to manage >250 SDRs, and you should too.

Chris Ritson

14 Apr 2023

4 mins

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A gigantic thank you to everyone who has subscribed. Yes, YOU! You’re all legends and I love you very dearly. 

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So here it goes:

How to Manage SDR Expectations: 

Most of us suck at managing SDR’s expectations for when they will get promoted (usually to AE). I certainly did. 

I’d say something like: 

  • ‘‘Hit quota and you’ll be promoted’’ 

  • ‘‘Join our company and in 6 months you’ll be an AE’’ 

  • ‘‘AE roles are opening up soon’’ 

If this sounds like something you do or have done. Please STOP. It’s creating an expectation in your team that roles grow on trees. They don’t. 

The reality is we don’t have full control over whether roles will open up and that puts you in a difficult position. 

If you’re like me, you want to motivate your team to smash targets and attract the best talent. You just don’t know what else to do apart from telling them what they want to hear. 

When we do this, we end up with people on our team who feel betrayed. They get demotivated, they miss their quotas, they leave and we look terrible as leaders. 

Have you ever felt that spiraling effect? I have. 

So I created a 3 step framework. Let’s check it out:

Viola. Every SDR knows where they are in their journey. If they don’t like it that’s on them. You’ve managed expectations. 

Added bonus; every AE leader who wants the top SDRs in their teams now knows where everyone is on their journey. 

I hope my framework helps, if you want more on it just respond to this email or message me

SDR Leader of the Week: 

Every week you’ll meet one of the FANTASTIC SDR leaders I personally interview. Why? Because they are amazing and deserve more bloody attention. 

And I want to show you how incredible being an SDR Leader is. 

So please meet: Nimarta Dugh, SDR Director @Volt

Her journey: 

Starting on a 20k basic salary at Softcat 10 years ago, she ran full cycle 360 sales cycles. She then moved to WeWork where her SDR journey began. After a stint in leadership, she grew a team at Student Beans and is now a Director at Volt where she will be scaling a team of SDRs to 20 people this year! 

Her mantra (in her words): 

Firm but fair. She likes to give people the space to flex their creative muscles but will be transparent with them when they aren’t pulling their weight. 

Her advice for new SDR leaders: 
  1. Focus on the numbers, and get clarity before you make decisions. Data is your friend. 

  2. Make sure everyone on your team is clear about your expectations of them. Set and reset them. 

  3. Spend extra time getting to know each individual on the team. What makes them tick and how can you support that best. 

Not bad advice from a pro! 

Thanks, Nimarta. 

If you want to join our SDR Leader Community, DM me.

That’s all for this week folks. 

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