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4 Types of ''Content Creator''

SDRs who create content are the future

Chris Ritson

8 Sept 2023

3 mins

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‘‘Attention is the new oil’’. 

It’s incredibly expensive because it’s in exceptionally high demand.

Research shows our attention spans are decreasing. This means our prospect’s attention spans are decreasing.

But the problem is we need their attention so they can learn about what we have to sell.

Couple this will the fact buyers want to educate themselves more and more before they speak to you.

And we're left with the pretty big challenge of ‘‘how do I help my prospects buy if they don’t want to talk to me’’.

The short answer is tripling down on content creation. But very few salespeople feel comfortable doing it or see the value in it.

In this newsletter, I will share with you 4-types of ‘‘Content Creator’’ every SDR/AE/Sales Leader can be.

And in turn, I hope it helps your company get more attention. Why? Because more attention → more trust → more pipeline → more revenue.

Let’s dive in.

Type 1 - The Amplifier

You’re someone who shares company content on LinkedIn. You repost and comment on other people’s posts from your company. You help amplify reach without having to create or build any posts yourself

This level is perfect for people who don’t feel comfortable creating their own posts. It's ideal for those who want to help their company build a brand and get more attention so they can win.

I recommend this starting point to anyone. Spending more time on social media alone will more eye balls on your company's content. Busy leaders and execs should consider starting here. Set up notifications of your team members to help you keep track.

Type 2 - The Creator 

This is someone who wants to create their own content and start posting. Think of yourself as a junior.

The posts will likely get little reach but this will build up over time (if you improve post quality). People here need to dedicate 15+ minutes per day so they can start to build a personal brand and get inbound leads. At the very least your content and you will be seen by more and more people over time in the form of impressions.

Remember, churning out content daily won’t mean you have ‘‘influence’’. It’s very likely this will take a long time to start happening so be patient. If you’re posting and getting impressions you’re still winning.

I’d recommend this for SDRs and AEs who are starting out with content creation. Post 5 times a week. Start by telling people who you are, who you help, and how you’ve helped them. Build from there.

Type 3 - The Influencer

Very few people at your business will be influencers. Influencers start real relationships with their audience through their content. Being an influencer doesn't mean you are a deep expert in what they post but they post engaging content. There's a difference.

This is a highly competitive space as most content creator aspire to be influencers. If you make this stage you'll see your content snowball in its reach. In turn, this drives a lot of attention to you and your business.

This will take time but note it’ll be at least 12 months (in most cases) to get to this stage from creation. Anyone can be an influencer but it’s a game of being consistently great over a long period of time.

Example: Sarah Brazier, Gong.

Type 4 - The Subject Matter Expert 

SMEs are different from Influencers. Subject Matter Experts are the BEST in their chosen domain. They've often been in the space for years and know it better than most others.

When SMEs create content it's often highly analytical and supported by data. People rarely argue with SMEs because their content is so valuable.

These individuals will usually be rare to find. Most businesses will have an employee who is a domain expert in their industry // field.

If they post they create a lot of respect for not only themselves but also their product and company. It's a huge win:win.

Example: Will Allred, Lavender.

Quick Summary: 

Everyone in sales should be obsessing about how they can get the attention of their prospects. 

And there is no better way to do that than with content that lets your prospect self-educate. 

If you don’t want to be a creator, be an amplifier. If you don’t want to be an influencer be a creator. 

But most importantly, be something and start acting now before you get left behind. 

This Week’s Action Step: 

Have a think about where you’d like to be with regard to content creation. What suits you best? How can you marry that to your professional goals and targets to be successful? 

This one is to be shared with your team - so please share it! 

Good luck!! 

The FREE Section:

So, my business turned ONE! So I did what I always do which is reflect on some of the things that went well and some of the things that went badly. 

The single best thing we did was introduce the policy of ‘‘giving away things for free to you’’. 

You’ll be glad to know, I’m tripling down on this for the next 12 months. 

Here is what I am starting with: 

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Of course, I’ll continue to create newsletters, free guides, and content for everyone. 

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So let’s get started: 

The SDR>AE Skills Bootcamp is open - I’m giving away THREE free places (max 1 per company). If you’re a Leader and want to treat one of your reps just reply to this email.

Leader Spotlight:

Delighted to introduce all 1823 of you to Harvey Stead, SDR Manager @HowNow (a man after my own heart with a cheeky Ralphy on in his profile pic).

His Journey into SDR Leadership:

Harvey started out as an AE in a full-cycle role selling into SMB. He had a couple of gigs selling full cycle where he smashed it before his boss asked him to run an SDR team of around 10 reps. Not knowing much about SDR he naturally accepted the challenge, restructured the team in 6 months, and is now an SDR Leader at HowNow, which is a HRTech company based in London. 

3 tips for messaging on LinkedIn:
  • Keep it short. Make an observation and ask a question. Anything more than 2 lines is too much. 

  • LinkedIn wasn’t built for prospecting it was built to build professional connections. Use it accordingly. 

  • Be genuine. For example; don’t say ‘congrats on the new role’ and then pitch. Ask them how the new role is going. 

3 tips for Outbound:
  • When researching ask yourself ‘can I help this person’, If the answer is no don’t message them. 

  • Don’t re-write sequences every week → see it through → analyse the data → optimise from there. 

  • Most reps lose because they don’t have a framework for how they call or email. Have a structure you repeat until you master it. 

Great tips this week. 

Thanks, Harvey, ya legend! 

PS. If you want to connect with Harvey, do it! 

Weekly Send-Off:

Naturally, I hope you all have an incredible weekend. I’m still in France at Lake Annecy celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary 🙂 

Until next Friday at 1.05pm, au revoir from me, Bridge and Isaac 🙂  

PS. My number is +447814904622. If you need me, Whatsapp me.

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