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7 Predictions for SDRs

What I think 2024 will look like

Chris Ritson

22 Dec 2023

2 mins

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Let’s be honest - 2023 has been turbulent. 

Mass lay-offs, AI mania sweeping the sales world, concerns about the future of our livelihoods and whether we will be replaced. The list goes on. 

At Christmas I’ve always found everyone loves to make big sweeping predictions for the year ahead. 

So instead of doing that I’m going to give you 7 logical ones that aren’t designed to scare you or leave you fearing for your job. 

Instead, I’ll put a positive spin on what I think 2024 will be like to help you prepare for the next 12 months and feel good about what is on the horizon for SDRs. 

Lets dive in.

Prediction #1: Email Won’t Die

When Google released the new rules it will be implementing for email next year the SDR world went into meltdown for about 72 hours. 

I just want to remind us all that this won’t be the end for Email it just means we have to get better at it and I predict this will enforce that to happen. 

The fact is its never been the person who has sent the most emails that has booked the most meetings. It’s always been the best writer. So invest in your writing skills more next year and set yourself up for success. 

Prediction #2: Cold Calling Will Still Be Critical 

Since I started in sales I’ve listened to the negative sentiment that cold calling must die. 

Well, I’m still waiting for that to happen and I don’t think it will any time soon. 

The reality is with the new rules on Email and the fact businesses are asking SDRs who want to get promoted to prove they have stronger ‘‘AE skills’’ before taking the step up the phone will only become more critical. 

Why? Simple. There is no other tool that develops the verbal communication skills of SDRs better. Those skills are transferable to all client facing communication in AE and CSM roles. 

The good news is more SDRs are realising this and doubling down on doing the hard yards to build those skills. 

Prediction #3: SDR:AE Ratios Will Increase 

Over the last few years we have seen AEs get ‘‘fat’’. 

They’ve been given unlimited inbounds leads, an SDR or sometimes two to get them Outbound opportunities, a partnerships team to drive network led growth and then they’ve still wanted more, more, more. 

The recession has woken companies up to the fact they were creating a ‘brat culture’ in AE teams and they’ve reacted by creating leaner marketing and SDR departments. 

I don’t expect this will change in 2024. Infact, I expect it to continue as companies double down on building sustainable GTM functions rather than ‘growth at all costs’. 

This will lead to 1-3 or 1-4 SDR:AE ratios at lots of businesses. In turn, each SDR will get more attention and development. Win:win. 

Prediction #4: SDR Salaries Will Rise 

With less SDRs in seat to get the same or even more pipeline the need for higher quality SDRs will be driven up. 

This will lead to a rise in the skill-set SDRs need in order to achieve quota and with greater skill requirements the market will react with higher wages. 

The downside is that higher wages will create more competition for roles as they will be more desirable amongst job seekers. 

Prediction #5: SDRs Will Need to Be Patient With Promotions

2023 has been frustrating for SDRs when it comes to development and moving up the ladder to full cycle sales roles. 

I don’t expect this to change in 2024 but this is not a bad thing. Lots of data shows the longer SDRs are in seat the more likely they are to be successful when they do eventually get promoted. 

Playing the long game when most people have a 45 year career is something most SDRs underestimate. 

I also expect companies will support SDRs with more development opportunities in order to make sure they retain top talent. 

This is something SDR Leaders should demand a budget for and take advantage of. 

Prediction #6: Signal-Led Outbound Is Here to Stay

The big players in Sales Tech such as Clari, Gong, Salesloft and Outreach went public with their battle to become to number 1 sales tech platform this year. 

All of them released their own versions of ‘signal-led’ AI technology to help sellers focus their time more efficiently on accounts and individuals who have intent over random ‘best guess’ lists. 

Whilst, none of them in my opinion have released the finished artcile they will all continue to do down on this to win market share which can only benefit SDRs more by continuing to solve the huge challenge that most SDRs spend huge amounts of their precious time on the wrong accounts and people. 

If we can continue to solve this, the world will be a better, more profitable place for all SDRs in 2024. 

Prediction #7: Everyone Will Continue To Talk About AI 

The big debate this year was about when AI will replace salespeople, once and for all. 

It was a scary time for a lot of first time sellers but let me remind everyone we’ve heard this all before with the rise of demand gen in 2015 and automation in 2018. 

Neither of which rid the world of sales people. 

I predict this argument will rumble on but instead of people trying to rid the world of us instead people will realise that AI and sellers can co-exist to get incredible results. 

It’ll be the companies (Gong etc) that leverage it to enable SDRs that will eventually win. Not the ones who try to replace us. 


So, there you have it, my 7 feel good predictions about the year ahead. 

I’d love to hear your predictions so please feel free to respond to this email.

Update: The Cold Call Operating System: 

If you missed it last week, here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on in December and will be launching in January….(yes, its a digital course).

There will be 7 Chapters and 3 hours of training that gives you exclusive access to what I’ve learnt from 150k+ Cold Calls and over 10 years in the game.

Weekly Send-Off:

I hope you all have a great weekend and a very very Merry Christmas.

Until next Friday at 1.05pm, au revoir from me, Bridge, and Isaac 🙂 

PS. Isaac hates Santa.

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