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7 steps to world-class sequences

learn how I build, run and manage sequences

Chris Ritson

4 Aug 2023

3 mins

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Here’s a fact; there are infinite ways you can build sequences and infinite combinations of words you can say to a prospect in each sequence step. 

Here’s another fact; giving SDRs access to a sequencing tool is not a competitive advantage because everyone uses them. The good news is they use them really badly. 

The great news is, this means if you use them well, your chances of winning will skyrocket. 

Today, I’ll share my 7-step framework for building and more importantly, managing sequences so you can win more with them. 

Let’s dive in. 

Step 1: Account Lists 

This is so basic but if your list of accounts is a massive long list of everyone you’re sequences are doomed to fail before you’ve even sent an email. 

First things first. Reps should only be working ICP accounts. 

By controlling the list of accounts you control where SDRs spend their most valuable currency. 


Step 2: Prospect Lists: 

Again, very basic but a classic mistake is you ‘add 10 contacts’ at the same account and think that’s account-based selling. 

I’m here to say that’s not best practice. Instead, SDRs should only be adding prospects ‘above the power line’ to sequences. 

You need to figure out what your ‘power-line is’ but here’s a diagram that can help:

Anyone below that isn’t worth your time. 

Step 3: Who goes in what sequence? 

Now you have prospects who actually deserve to go into your sequences. 

But the problem is your prospects are likely not ALL completely cold. 

Some may be aware of you already. 

For example; you may have prospects who are: 

  • Closed Lost Opps 

  • Old Customers 

  • Inbound Leads 

  • Nurture 

That’s okay. It just means they deserve a different sequence. 

But what about everyone who is not aware of me? They’ll be in what I call your ‘1st touch sequence’. 

I recommend you only have 1 sequence of this nature in play at any one time. 

But what about different industries or personas? Too complex. 

Stick to one ‘1st touch sequence’ to start with and put all your cold prospects in there. 

Action step: split your prospect list first by who is aware and who isn’t aware of you. For those who aren’t aware have 1 sequence. The prospects who are aware of you (closed lost, inbound, etc) deserve their own sequence. 

Why? Because they are HOT!! 

Remember, the aim isn’t to reach everyone. It’s to spend time on accounts you can convert. 

Note: I don’t mix accounts in ‘Tiers’. Why? It creates messaging issues later. Putting inbound and closed lost opps together in a Tiered system for example is only going to slow the rep down when they get to executing on steps.

Step 4: Number of Steps

Now you will have 4/5 ‘core sequences’ that are what I call ‘buyer-situation-focused’ aka are they aware of you or not and if they are, why are they? 

Now, it’s time to build the actual structure. I recommend starting with 15-step sequences. 

This is a starting point to build on, not a silver bullet but it covers the essentials; long enough, omnichannel etc. 

Everyone spends hours on the spacing of steps etc but truth be told it doesn’t matter that much. 

The only caveat here is for sequences with inbound leads. For those, I’d have steps closer together at the start of the sequence and then ease off. 

Step 5: 3 parts of each sequence: 

Now, you need to consider splitting your sequences into 3 core parts. Each block of 5 touches should be focused on ONE problem you solve. It’ll should look something like:

The biggest issue most reps have is they run out of things to say/write in sequences so default to automation and poor messaging. 

Dividing the sequence by problems keeps it ‘sprint focused’. This will keep the content high value and the reps will enjoy doing steps later in sequences. 

Step 6: Content: 

All the steps you run should either have a script or a template. 

  • Calls - Script 

  • Emails - Templates 

  • LinkedIn - Templates 

  • Video - Script 

  • Voicenotes - Script 

This saves SDRs hours a week on repeating tasks and ‘over-thinking’ messaging. 

Step 7: A/B Testing: 

99% of SDRs and leaders ignore this critical step. 

Why? Because most have 1000s of sequences like we discussed so A/B testing them all is too much effort. 

So instead, they rebuild new sequences and waste a ton of time in the process to be no better off. 

With 4/5 ‘core sequences’ you can now focus your time on A/B testing each step to improve open rates, response rates, and conversion rates. 

This will help you collect better data on what works and what doesn’t, make better decisions, and in turn, dramatically improve your team’s output.

Quick Summary: 

If every sales rep uses sequences there is no competitive advantage of them anymore. The advantage comes from using them better than everyone else. 

Sequencing prospects is NOT about booking meetings. It’s about creating a sequence of events for a specific group of prospects (ICP) that builds more trust at each step. 

The job is to then optimise that sequence of events with A/B testing over long periods of time so you learn what works and what doesn’t. 

This week’s action step: 

Allocate time to evaluate all your sequences, get a benchmark for your performance today, and then start A/B testing to optimise that. 

Good luck!! 

P.S. I added a sequence review hour to my diary each week on a Friday so I make it a habit and I can easily see how they’ve performed each week. 

SDR Leader Spotlight:

Please meet one of my favorite Irishmen; Barry Farrell, BDR Leader @Uncapped.

His journey:

Barry is a true veteran of the sales game. He’s spent 14 years in Sales and still loves it. In that time he’s been through most IC roles and has found his way to the promised land; SDR Leadership. He now leads an incredibly talented team of BDRs at Uncapped who are absolutely crushing it right now and he is hiring! 

His top prospecting tips:
  • Get back on the phone. With the advent of AI and mass mailing tools, it's never been a better time to hone this skill. 

  • Ensure you carve out time to research your accounts and leads. Enriching your leads to add personalisation will get your open and reply rates soaring. 

  • Plan your day to perfection. Your calendar is something every BDR should guard with their life. Knowing exactly what your week looks like before it begins means you can adapt to what you need to do to get the job done. 

His advice for SDR leaders:
  • Focus on bringing a progressive, energetic approach to every task and conversation. Good habits start with the leader so live the cause you promote. 

  • I am a huge believer in constant learning and training, keep up-skilling your team and also, yourself. Your team is only as good as its leader. 

  • Fly the flag for progression and the future, and in doing so make sure the goals your reps can achieve align with their professional and personal goals. 

If you’re ever in Galway, take Barry for a pint, it’ll be worth it. 

PS. You should connect with Barry on LinkedIn.

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Until next week, remember; you're a legend! 🙂  

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