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+ behind the scenes #5

Chris Ritson

2 Feb 2024

4 mins

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I'm the founder of 2 businesses…

  1. ChrisRitson (creative, I know)

  2. TheSDRLeader 

Being able to serve SDRs and SDR Leaders for your individual needs is something I dreamed of 5 years ago. 

Making it a reality wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

Thanks for being part of this journey so far. 

There’s much more to come and let’s start with this newsletter. 

Over the last year, my business can attribute £156k to Outbound. 

Wait, what? You cold outreach people? 

Yes, I still Cold Call, Cold Email, and Cold DM people every single day (Mon-Fri). 

Why? Simple. Cold outreach is a skill. If you don’t practice it, you lose it. 

Secondly, it WORKS. Sure, it’s tough but that’s where the money is at. 

Today, I want to share with you how I leverage Content to help with my Cold Outreach efforts. 

After all, it’s not just about doing outreach. It’s about doing outreach that gets you maximum returns (fast). 

I hope this newsletter inspires you to consider content as something you utilise more to support your cold outreach every day. 

​Step 1: Correct Connections: 

If you’re going to create content don’t just start posting and hoping loads of people engage and leads will start forming an orderly queue to speak to you. They won’t. 

Instead, start by building an audience you want to follow you. 

For example, if you want to generate leads then start by building an audience who you can sell to. Not your family. Not your mates and colleagues. Sellable connections. 

Start by connecting with 10x of your target persona every day. And don’t just send connection requests. Make sure 10 people connect. 

10x per day = 50 per week = 200 per month etc. Your network will compound in value over time. 

You want the % of your connections to be 90% plus people you can sell to. Delete the rest. 

Tip - Do NOT just add everyone. Connect with your target accounts only. The quality of your network is more important than quantity. 

​Step 2: Content Creation 

This is the hardest step. Most sellers think they have to become subject matter experts in whatever they sell to create valuable content. You don’t. 

The content that wins the most is YOUR PERSONAL STORY: 

Why? No one can replicate it. 

Here are a few examples of how you can get started: 

  • ‘‘I spoke to a {insert title} yesterday. 

  • Here are 3 things I learned about {insert subject} 

  • A {insert title} responded to my email yesterday. 

  • They said {insert what they said}. 

  • {job title} seems you HATE getting cold calls. {job title} - what tips would you give me so I can approach you without annoying you? 

There are 1000s of examples I could use but the secret sauce is expressing your experiences and how you feel about them every single day. 

You all do cold emails, calls, and DMing. So tell the world about how they went with your persona, share your learnings, and invite them to comment. 

Analyse the results and build from there. 

Tip - Post once per day, Monday-Friday to start. 

​Step 3: Call em 

Now you have a solid network of the right connections (that you’re adding to daily) and you’re pushing out 1 piece of valuable, targeted content every day for them to engage with. 

Over time you’ll start to see more and more of your prospects engage with your posts in the form of likes, comments, etc. (Note, this will take time, content is a long-term strategy). 

When they do this, check WHO these people are. If they’re prospects or people will job titles you sell to then you know your content is starting to work to attract the right people to engage with you. 

To do this, just click on the ‘‘reactions’’ and scroll through searching for the right job titles. 

Here’s my example:

And when these people do engage, they should become people you cold call. 

Why? Because they KNOW you. Remember, calling is only hard for people who do not know you. So call the people who know who you are. 


Building a network and content that gets engagement takes time. But these daily inputs compound. 

So rather than just connecting with anyone and posting into the abyss, do it for a reason. 

Do it so you start to build a connection with your prospects. Because the bigger your connection, the easier it will be to have a conversation and book a meeting with them. 

Hope this was helpful. If it was please feel free to respond to this email asking any questions 🙂 

Hope this was helpful.

Cheers, Chris

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© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.

© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.