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How to Coach Cold Calls

3-steps to phone mastery

Chris Ritson

25 Aug 2023

2 min

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Yet so many reps I speak to either get no coaching or really low-quality coaching. 

No coaching → No meetings → No pipeline → No revenue. 

Low-quality coaching → Low-quality meetings → Low-quality pipeline etc. 

You see my point. 

In this newsletter, I’m not going to address ‘no coaching’. You folks just need to get started. 

Instead, I’ll give you my 3 step guide to making sure the quality of my call coaching is on point. 

Let’s dive in. 

Step 1: Have a framework for ‘great’

It doesn’t matter what you’re coaching. Both you and the person you’re coaching need to know what great looks like. 

It’s critical your reps first know what they are aiming for in order to know where they are now and how far away from the goal they are. 

If your reps don’t know this, well, you’re leaving ‘great’ up to whatever they think that is. 

It also means before you even start coaching you have no benchmark to coach off which basically means your coaching is a waste of time before you start. 

Feel free to use this call script as a structure for what you classify as great: 

Cold Call Script  

Step 2: Analyse the numbers

Now you know what great looks like and you have a way to score your reps’ performance you can start analysing where they are good and bad in calls. 

I specifically encourage leaders and reps to look at where calls ‘breakdown’. For example: If they are breaking down typically in the ‘opener’ then you have an issue with either the delivery or the words your rep is using. 

The point is, you can now coach that specific area in your 1:1 coaching time. 

So rather than going into the session and listening to a random call, you already know where the rep needs to improve. 

I call this ‘middle metrics focus’. It’s the deep focus we should have on conversions of conversations, analyzing where they break down, and focusing coaching on those areas. 

Step 3: Train the gaps 

Now we have some gaps identified with each one of your reps. 

It’s time to design the coaching sessions to deliberately target those gaps. 

The more you target the gaps, the better skills your reps will have and we all know; better skills → better results. 

I typically recommend 4-week ‘sprint coaching’ periods for leaders to focus on 1-2 core gaps. 

This will allow you to see improvement over time and be sure you’ve done your role of making the rep better. 

Top tip: One-week coaching plans unfortunately do not work so try and stay away from this sort of ‘tick-box’ coaching regime. 

Quick Summary: 

Coaching is very important and all your reps deserve it. 

They don’t just deserve to receive it though. They deserve high-quality coaching. 

High-quality coaching is a combination of ‘what great looks like’ frameworks, data analysis, and targeted coaching plans. 

This week’s action step: 

If you haven’t already, build a framework for what a great call should sound and look like. 

Then as a second step mark your rep against it to see who is scoring high or low and in what areas. 

Good luck!! 

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Leader Spotlight:

There is no spotlight this week as I’m working ‘‘reduced hours’’ in order to spend more time with my family. You should try it (it’s fun)!!

Weekly Send-Off:

Naturally, I hope you all have an incredible weekend. My campervan broke down so hopefully we will get it fixed soon (not that we’re that bothered). 

Until next Friday at 1.05pm, tschuss from me, Bridge and Isaac 🙂 

PS. My number is +447814904622. If you need me, Whatsapp me.

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