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How to Get Promoted in 2024

+ behind the scenes #2

Chris Ritson

12 Jan 2024

4 mins

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‘‘I want to get promoted this year’’ - everyone in January. 

It’s not a bad goal. 

But for SDRs it comes with a problem…there aren’t enough AE roles to keep everyone satisfied. 

A tough market for candidates coupled with 90% of people wanting promotions means competition won’t just be high this year, it’ll be through the roof. 

So today, I want to give you 4 tips that have helped >150 SDRs get promoted to AE. 

And I hope you can use it to help you in your journey to the promised land. 

​Tip 1: Be a Marathon Runner, Not a Sprinter

It’s hard to consider the long term when you’re fighting so hard every day to hit short-term KPIs. 

But this is something the best reps are laser-focused on. 

Rather than fulfilling short-term objectives, they make sure everything they do each day has a longer-term purpose. 

To make sure they can do that effectively they have a strategy. 

Here are 3 questions to help you build a long-term strategy:

  • What are my annual goals? 

  • What are my quarterly, tactical plays to get closer to the annual goals? 

  • What do I need to do daily to hit my quarterly goals? 

Start big, and work backward to your daily inputs. That way you’ll make sure every single day counts. 

Play the long game. 

​Tip 2: Be Predictable

If you gave your manager these two options: 

  • 190% of goal this month but 0% next month or 

  • 100% goal this month and next month 

They would ALWAYS choose number 2. 

Not just because it makes mathematical, logical sense but it also makes emotional sense. 

Your manager doesn’t want you to be a maverick. They want you to be predictable. 

One book that can help ‘‘Predictable Revenue’’ by Aaron Ross. Sure, it’s a little dated now but the principle of predictability holds. 

From the board down to your manager the aim is to be able to predict revenue, so align to what the board wants. In turn, you’ll align with your manager. 

Be boring. Be reliable. Be predictable. 

​Tip 3: Skill Development 

I’ve promoted >75 people (SDRs, AEs, and Leaders) in my career. 

In every ‘‘first’’ conversation about what they need to do to get promoted, I tell them to do the same thing: 

Understand what skills they need to: 

  1. Dominate their current role 

  2. Set themselves up for success in their next role. 

Here’s the step-by-step: 

  • If you’re not exceeding quota: 

  1. Write down all the skills you need to dominate your role now 

  2. Pick the top 3 skills that are gaps 

  3. Allocate time (and maybe budget) to filling them 

  4. Focus on those 3 skills for 3 months 

  • If you're already exceeding quota: 

  1. Write down all the skills you need to set yourself up for success in your next role 

  2. Pick 3 skills 

  3. Allocate time (and maybe budget) to filling them 

The key is knowing which skills to dedicate your time to. 

As soon as you know those skills. TRIPLE down your focus on them. 


​Tip 4: Build a Personal Brand

No, I’m not talking about a personal brand on LinkedIn. 

I’m talking about the brand you need to get everyone internally to buy into you! 

Think about it. Why do you buy anything? You like it, it’s cost-effective, it’s reliable. 

It’s the same for your hiring managers. 

They are buying YOU! They want someone who doesn’t just hit the target and is cost-effective. They want someone who they like, is easy to work with, and doesn’t need lots of their time and attention. 

So prove it by building an internal brand that showcases those things: 

  1. Showcase your results (get loud) - prove you’re cost-effective 

  2. Highlight your historicals - prove you’re predictable 

  3. Be open-minded - show people you’re easy to work with 

  4. Demonstrate skills - show people you already have what it takes 

A personal brand is more than just writing a few things online. It’s the daily actions you take to build certain feelings and emotions in your ‘‘buyers’’ every single day. 

And if you want a promotion, your buyer is your boss. 

Build your brand = build your career. 


Promotions don’t just happen because you’ve hit your target. They happen because you follow a disciplined, structured approach to proving you have what it takes. 

In the world of SDR, getting promoted has never been harder. 

As you get going this year, I hope you will use these 4 tips to build a solid strategy that guides you on your journey. 

Good luck. 

PS. If you want personal 1:1 advice, respond to this email. 

The Cold Call OS (Behind The Scenes #2): 

As a reminder, this section of the newsletter will be a ‘‘behind the scenes’’ view of what has gone into the course including: 

  1. Why I built ‘‘The Cold Call OS’’ (last week) 

  2. Who is the Cold Call OS for 

  3. How I am pricing the Cold Call OS 

  4. FAQs 

Part 2: Who is the Cold Call OS for?

Every product should have an ICP and The Cold Call OS is no different. 

There are 3 people I believe this is for…

  1. SDRs that are required to generate their pipeline and book meetings via cold calling. 

  2. AEs who need to generate all or some of their pipeline via cold calling. 

  3. Individual contributors who do not get as much training as they need on Cold Calling to be successful. 

Who this program isn’t for:

  1. Inbound SDRs or people who do not do strictly Cold Calling 

Next week, I’ll cover ‘‘How I am Pricing The Cold Call OS’’. 

PS. You can also join my FREE Masterclass on Cold Calling here.

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© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.

© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.