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How To Multithread Your Meetings

+1 multi-threading script you can steal

Chris Ritson

11 Aug 2023

3 mins

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>80% of meetings SDRs book never close into revenue (scary right)! 

What’s worse is we say ‘well that’s not our job, it’s on the AE’. 

Well, it’s my belief that our job is to give the AE the best possible chance of closing a deal. 

And if we do, our revenue will improve, our SDR team will look considerably more effective and we will become irreplaceable. 

Why? Because the more revenue sourced by SDRs = more effective SDR team in the eyes of finance, CEOs, and investors. 

This week, I’ll share one play I teach SDRs to use when they are booking meetings that help AEs convert more of them into revenue. 

It’s a win for SDR (SDR sourced revenue) a win for the AE (more deals + commish) and a win for Leadership. 

The result = more collaborative, more successful teams. 

The Play: 

Everyone thinks multithreading is a skill only AEs should be taught but the data disagrees. 

Below you can see some data from Gong that found on average a closed won deal had more participants on the first call than closed lost. 

This is further emphasized by second calls and so on. 

The point is twofold: 

  1. Multithreading increases the chances of deals closing 

  2. The earlier your multithread the better

Most SDRs I train use phrases like; ‘please invite anyone from your side’ or ‘is there anyone you’d like to add to the call’. 

This is not effective multithreading. Prospects could add anyone and they rarely add DMs or economic buyers, if anyone at all. 

So to counter this I created a script to help facilitate my coaching and support the reps out in the wild. 

Here it is:

Of course, you can steal it! 

Hope it’s helpful! 

PS. As a side note if you’re still on the fence; 

I personally taught all my SDRs to multithread starting back in 2017. The results have been >100M in ARR. 

And more importantly, they become a must-have at every org I worked at (recession proof one might say). 

Today, I continue to include multithreading in my training programs because until the data tells me it’s a waste of time and doesn’t help revenue, it should be coached.

Quick Summary: 

Teaching your SDRs to multithread will not only help you make more revenue now. 

You’ll be teaching them vital skills to be more successful AEs in the future. 

It’s the epitome of a win:win. 

This week’s action step: 

Steal my script structure: Multithreading Talk Track, tweak it for your business then roll it out to your SDRs in a training sesh. 

Good luck!!

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If you’re struggling to get your team to quota, have been left to figure it out yourself or you’re an SDR who wants to learn leadership then this was built for you. 

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SDR Leader Spotlight:

Delighted to introduce all 1.6k+ of you lovely readers to Natan Acosta, SDR Leader @Renaissance Learning. 

Natan started

His journey:

Natan started his career in procurement (a sales persons nemesis). He quickly realised the dark side was way cooler and ventured into the world of Sales Development. Combining his studies alongside an SDR role for 4 years he developed into a top-performing rep. Instead of the AE path, he decided leadership was where he saw himself. He’s now running the whole top-of-funnel strategy for Renaissance Learning. 

His top prospecting tips:
  • Our SDRs are actively engaging in LI thought leadership, They create and share their own content and tag prospects in the process. This helps educate and nurture prospects they are targeting in a softer, more approachable way. 

  • Like many companies Natans team have challenges during the summer. Instead of tripling KPIs to reach just as many people and burning their market they’ve been doubling down on research and targeting so when prospects are back they are ready with great messaging. This is TACTICAL, I like it! Closed 

  • Closed-Lost Opps are a goldmine. Everyone knows it but most people don’t approach them properly. Re-read what happened and what the person was originally interested in. Then re-approach focusing on whether they’ve solved that problem or not. You’ll be shocked how many people haven’t. 

Thanks, Natan, you legend!! 

PS. You should connect with Natan on LinkedIn.

Weekly Send-Off:

Naturally, I hope you all have an incredible weekend. Wish me luck in France (Dordogne) in the 34-degree heat. 

Until next Friday at 1.05pm, remember you're a legend! 🙂  

Oh, and my number is +447814904622. If you need me, Whatsapp me.

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