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Keep your emails relevant

4 questions no-one asks themselves

Chris Ritson

30 Jun 2023

2.5 mins

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Fun Fact: The Pipeline Post made it to 1k+ subscribers. Thanks again for your time and attention each week. 

Reminder: Last week’s edition covered Personalisation on Email. If you missed it, check your inbox for ‘The Personalisation Scale’. 

Anyways, let’s do this…

Relevancy on Email:

Last week we went into detail about personalisation on email and how you can score emails to know what great looks like. 

Another big problem with sales emails is making sure the email is actually relevant to the reader. 

Ever wondered why your emails get opened but not responded to? 

Well, imagine yourself reading a newspaper, as soon as the headline or article becomes irrelevant or goes off track you stop reading and move on. 

Why? Your brain has told you this isn’t worth your precious time. It’s completely unconscious in most cases but it happens to each of us multiple times a day. 

This is the same for emails and no matter how much personalisation you do, your reader reserves the right to stop and move their attention to something else. 

So how do reps make sure their emails are relevant and keep the reader ‘on track’? 

Easy; break the email down into 4 key parts and ask yourself these questions:

Bonus question: 

Am I mentioning more than one problem? If so, remove and focus on what you think is the biggest problem your reader has right now. 

Example Template: 

Subject Line: ‘‘ramping SDRs’’ (problem) 

Personalisation: ‘‘ABC company is hiring 4 SDRs’’. (timely) 

Hypothesis: ‘‘You must also be wondering how you ramp them up fast’’. (problem) 

Social Proof: I’ve been ramping 5 SDRs at XYZ and overseen a 50% increase in ramp-up times using our new 'ramp-up programme’. (relatable story) 

Can I send a 1-minute video explaining more? 

You’ll see all 3 parts of the email body are relevant to the problem mentioned in the headline (subject line). 

Example Template 2: 

Subject Line: ‘‘hiring SDRs’’ (problem) 

Personalisation: ‘‘ABC company is hiring 4 SDRs’’. (timely) 

Hypothesis: ‘‘You must also be wondering how you get top talent in seat fast’’. (problem) 

Social Proof: I’ve hired 5 SDRs at XYZ, all of which started within 1-month and were fully ramped after 3 months (relatable story). 

Can I send a 1-minute video explaining more? 

Again, all 4 parts of the email are focused on one problem I believe the reader may be struggling with. 

This will help you drive up both your open and response rates as well as build trust with prospects. 

Recommended next step: 

1/ Check out the newsletter again from last week (The Personalisation Scale) 

2/ Combine the learnings there with this week’s templates and start writing some emails 

I hope this helps. 

Good luck!! 

P.S. If this is useful, feel free to share it with your team.

SDR Leader Spotlight:

Delighted to introduce all 1000+ of you to someone very dear to me; Sonia Gonzalez Guillonneau, Founder @The SDR Coach and Brand Ambassador @Flexprts.

Her journey:

Sonia started her journey in corporate sales in the fintech industry in 2014. She discovered her passion for coaching SDRs in the summer of 2021 and has coached over 90 SDRs in multiple SaaS industries. She is now the Founder of The SDR Coach and has a company mission ‘to disrupt the sales industry with kindness and education, by making it a fairer, more inclusive, and overall happier industry to be in’. I love it! On top of all this Sonia mentors female sales professionals and is a brand ambassador for Sales Confidence and my business, Flexprts. 

Her top prospecting tips:
  • Add prospects to your cadence every day. Consistency wins. 

  • Don’t ignore follow-ups; most of your opportunities will come from how well you nurture and follow up with prospects. 

  • It’s not how you want to reach out to your prospects, it’s how they want to be reached out to, maximize multi-channel. 

Her advice for new leaders: 
  • Get to know your team and learn how to best support and coach them. Factor in that everyone comes from a different walk of life, learns differently, works differently, and is motivated by different things. 

  • Kindness goes a long way in leadership. The world of sales is numbers-driven, stressful, and mentally taxing, kindness costs nothing and the compound results are extensive, a happier team performs better.

  • Build a strong network of sales leaders that you can ask for help, bounce ideas off, and provide different insights/perspectives. 

Thanks, Sonia. 

Appreciate this. Appreciate you! 🙂  

SDR Job Board:

My old friends at Tessian are hiring for a Senior SDR. As an old employee of Tessian, I can personally vouch for how amazing the leadership team is there.

That’s all for this week folks. 

See you next week for a deeper dive into ChatGPT. 

And in the meantime remember; you're a legend! 🙂 

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© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.