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Steal Your Competitors Prospects

<1% of SDRs do this

Chris Ritson

2 Jun 2023

3 mins

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Fun fact about me: I have two dogs. Maggie and Pippa. Both legends. 

Anyways, who wants to steal their competitor’s prospects? 

Me too.

2 ways to steal prospects: 

Firstly, wouldn’t it be amazing to see inside your competitors CRM and just contact everyone in their live sales funnel? 

Well, you pretty much can do this: 

1/ - Friendly (and legal) Stalking:
  • Step 1: Get a list of the top 3 or 4 companies that you directly compete with on deals. 

  • Step 2: Search for SDRs and AEs at those companies on LinkedIn. 

  • Step 3: Click ‘follow’ on LinkedIn. 

  • Step 4: Add them to your Sales Nav and create a saved search; name it ‘competitors’. 

Now, every day you will get notifications from your competitor’s salespeople and be able to see what they are all liking and commenting on. 

In most cases, they are engaging with their prospects and/or customers. 

Those people then go straight into your sequence. 

And Voila. You’re officially a burglar. 

2/ Monitor who your competitors are connected to…

No one actually does this. Like ever. 

  • Step 1: Search for the ‘job title’ of your ideal persona on LinkedIn. E.g. SDR

  • Step 2: Go to the ‘all filters’ tab on the right-hand side.

  • Step 3: Click 1st connections AND add the name of your competitor (SDRs/AEs at other companies). For example, I added my Co-Founder Gabs.

  • Step 4: Click search. 

Voila. You’ll have a list of people your competition is connected to with the exact job title you are targeting. 

  • Step 5: Download the list and cross-reference it against your target accounts. 

  • Step 6: Start prospecting them. 

Hope this helps. 

Good luck!! 

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Bootcamp Update: 

The 1st cohort is now FULL!! 

Because it filled up so fast we will be announcing another NEXT WEEK!! 

I’ll announce it all in a LinkedIn post 🙂  

If you missed the last one, don’t worry. You can get more information on our Bootcamps here:

P.S. Thanks SO much to everyone who signed up (genuinely overwhelmed at how well this went)!

SDR Leader Spotlight:

Delighted to introduce all 700+ of you to Charlotte Leggett, SDR Manager @Lead Forensics.

Her journey:

Charlotte started in retail working at Next (side note; the amount of golden SDRs who start in retail is mindblowing). She then worked in healthcare for 6 years as a pharmacy apprentice and 999 responder where she answered over 10,000 emergency calls (take a bow). After having an epiphany moment she moved into Sales. Charlotte started as an SDR 3.5 years ago and took an unconventional route through Internal Recruitment into SDR Leadership. She’s done so well, her team is about double in size from 5 to 10. 

Her mantra (in her words):

Never stop improving yourself. 

Her advice for new SDR leaders:

Prepare for the plates to spin. Accept it’ll never stop and remember it’ll be okay. You need to be your own off-switch. Set clear boundaries for yourself and our team will follow. You are the CEO aka Chief Energy Officer. When your energy is low, so is the team. 

Tiptop, advice! 

Thanks, Charlotte!!

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