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STOP leaving your prospects alone

Steal my framework to create ‘stand-out’ experiences so prospects don't forget you

Chris Ritson

21 Apr 2023

3 mins

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I can’t believe I have 100s of subscribers and it’s only episode 2. A massive thank you to you all! You’re legends! 

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Creating ‘‘Remember Me’’ moments for your prospects: 

Generally speaking, there are 3 responses you get from prospects: 

  • Yes = buy now 

  • Not right now = buy later 

  • No = buy never 

Buyers are forgetful blighters but they DO NOT want to be left alone. 

They want you to curate an experience for them that entertains, educates, and stops them from forgetting you before they are ready to buy. 

All the ‘maybes’ and ‘not right nows’ that we classify as ‘no’. Those ’nos’ are your future quota and commission. 

In this week’s newsletter, I’ll cover a situation I found myself in recently with a prospect who ‘wasn’t in the market right now’ but turned into a meeting 90 days later and closed revenue a week after. 

Check it out:

I got an email response from a prospect saying ‘contact me in 3 months when our budget refreshes’. 

We’ve all been there. 

I was disappointed. I was pretty sure they were the ‘perfect’ account and I had multiple triggers they needed me (fundraising, low performance etc). 

IMHO, as a salesperson, you have 3 choices:  

  1. Leave them for 3 months and hope they remember you (they won’t) 

  2. Put them in a generic sequence and send them generic info like case studies 

  3. Go into ‘Greatest Showman’ mode and curate a personalized experience for your prospect until the timing is right

Obviously, you steal the framework below and go into ‘Greatest Showman’ mode: 

Step 1 - Alignment - You need to make sure the prospect isn’t lying to you (they do that). How? You call them and qualify by getting the next steps in the diary. If the prospect says no, the timeline isn’t real. If they do agree, it’s real and you are aligned. Now you’re a team. You and the prospect. The journey begins. 

Step 2 - Curate a ‘Remember Me’ plan - NO ONE does this step. Once you’ve started a two-way conversation. Take the time to build a ‘remember me’ plan for your prospect over the agreed timeframe. Go back to your account and personal research to make it a 1:1 experience (see example below). 

Step 3 - Execute - Most salespeople just send generic information. Don’t do that. Don’t get lazy with any step.

Example ‘Remember Me’ Plan: 
  • Day of booking - Diarised next steps 

  • Day of booking - Connected on LinkedIn (the power of dark social is real) 

  • Day of booking - Email follow-up outlining agreed steps and 

  • Day 15 - Invite to a relevant event I am at (this was a webinar) 

  • Day 30 - Sent data points on benefits of {insert solution} from a credible, neutral media source (not my own case study) 

  • Day 45 - Personal information LinkedIn message (they supported Arsenal so I congratulated them on a win) 

  • Day 60 - Sent free content I had created for their persona and highlighted specific pages I knew would be useful 

  • 2 weeks prior - Asked a mutual LinkedIn connection to recommend 

  • 2 days prior - Email reminder of the meeting + problems to discuss 

  • Day of meeting - Looking forward to talking at {insert time} email 

After 90 days I had a prospect who moved from being aware of me to being ready to consider my solution. But most importantly I had a prospect who liked me because I entertained them. And trusted me because I educated them. 

P.S. I also found out the prospect’s daughter had a birthday (Twitter post) so I sent some goodies (shock horror, they loved it). 

The point is; you need to use the information and intel around you to curate an individual experience for your prospect. 

If this was useful, let me know and just respond to this email or message me I’d love to hear from ya.

SDR Leader Spotlight:

As you know from last week’s episode where you met the fantastic Nimarta Dugh. Every week you’ll meet one of the FANTASTIC SDR leaders I personally interview. Why? Because they are amazing and deserve more bloody attention. 

And I want to show you how incredible being an SDR Leader is. 

So please meet: Carly Pledge, Global BDR Leader @CloudCall

Her journey:

I want to start by saying I LOVE this journey. It’s unconventional. Aged 17, Carly started out in customer support at HSBC and was quickly snapped up to Sales. After only a year she found herself running a team. She then got her first taste of a start-up when she ran her own business for 6.5 years. After that, she took a Marketing role at CloudCall, decided she missed sales (obviously), and became their SDR Lead. In 2 years she’s grown the team to 18 people! What a journey. What a woman. 

Her mantra (in her words):

Always put your people first. Managing expectations is everything. 

Her advice for new SDR leaders:

Don’t try to fix everything all at once. Find the 3 biggest gaps and just focus there. Manage expectations upwards. Don’t overcommit and burn out. Your manager needs to know your boundaries. Seek out mentorship relentlessly. Create a circle of trust with other SDR Leaders who are more experienced. 

Pretty sweet advice. 

Thanks, Carly. 

If you’d like to join our SDR Leader Community, DM me.

That’s all for this week folks. 

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