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The 5 Types of Performer

In 3 mins you'll learn which you are

Chris Ritson

23 Feb 2024

3 mins

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Every team is made up of 5 ‘‘types of performer’’. 

  • Superstar 

  • Rockstar 

  • Chaser

  • Culture-Add 

  • Bottom 

Right now, you will fall into one of these categories. 

Question is; If you’re at the bottom how do you move up? If you’re a middle performer how do you evolve into a top performer? How do you balance your life goals with your increasing thirst for professional success? 

Well, I’ve found most people hide from owning who they are right now (I have before). But the key is to honest with yourself and then take action. 

If you want to move up the level. Know this - it’s one of the hardest challenges SDRs face in their day to day. Why? Because it doesn’t happen overnight. 

Most people fail because they don’t stay in the game long enough to reap the rewards of their persistence. 

Today I am going to outline the ‘‘5 types of performer’’ and I want you to decide where you are and who you want to be in the future. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Superstar

You are someone who consistently exceeds all of your targets. Hitting target is not enough for you, you want to not only be the best of the best you need to be to feel like your achieving something and moving your career forwards. 

You’re the type of performer that doesn’t stop at 100%. You leave absolutely everything out on the sales floor every month. You want more more more which means your ambitions are hard to please as every time you are set a goal you hit it and need something bigger to get after. 

Not only are you the top performer in the team, you’re also a culture champion. You lead by example and are heavily relied on by your managers to guide the rest of the team when things get a bit hairy. 

Example: you stay after hours even if you’ve hit goal. You mentor others when you haven’t been asked. You help your manager with projects they don’t have time to fulfil. 

You’re overall contribution to both the team target and team culture is undeniable but people are jealous of you and you sometimes may feel like you don’t fit in or are the ‘teachers pet’. 

If this is you. Know this - you’re RARE. You have superpowers and can be either the best future leader, AE, CSM or whatever you desire. If you stay focused you can have it all. 

Why? Because you understand talent works best when you combine it with hard work and consistency. 

Note - you can be in ramp-up and be a superstar. It’s all about % to target not totals. 

2. Rockstar

You consistently hit target and your manager never worries about you doing so. Although you hit target you also like to take your foot off the gas once you’ve done so and that’s all good. Your career is less important to you than your lifestyle. 

Accelerator targets don’t really motivate you. Instead, you’d rather take a well earned break and prioritise your health than pushing yourself over the edge to achieve 150% of goal. 

Whilst commendable your managers will often ask themselves ‘what do I have to do to get the best out of you?’ 

Well, the thing is, they already are. You aren’t the right person to push or you’ll end up hating your boss and the company because they forced you into prioritising targets over what really floats your boat. 

If your boss does get this balance right with you its highly likely you’ll stay for a long time. 

You’re someone who knows how to win within the hours of 9-5 and that’s enough for you to feel like you’ve done a good job. 

3. Chaser (Middle) 

You’re inconsistent with your performances. One month your cruising towards quota and the next you are miles away from it. On average you get to somewhere between 60-80% of target each month. 

It’s likely that you are trying to copy the people above you and really want to be just like them. But when you copy what they do it doesn’t always work for you. 

You probably get frustrated by the fact you can’t be consistent but when asked you are unable to identify exactly what does and does not work for you on a day to day basis. 

You’re either very good at messaging and bad at time management or good at time management but bad at messaging and try to overcompensate by doing too much (because you panic about quota). 

Either way, you lack a system that combines time management, list building and messaging effectively. 

Note - This is where you need to start in order to move up the ranks into Rockstar or Superstar territory. 

If you continue without a system you may have a long tenure but it’s very unlikely you’ll ever get promoted. 

4. Culture-Add 

No-one wants to be this person but every team has one. 

You’re someone who misses target a lot but you know the business inside out and live the values of it day by day. 

You feel so aligned to the companies mission its almost like the business was built for you. 

The problem is you are executing on everything else but your day to day role. You may be someone that’s scared to leave and doesn’t actually like being an SDR but love the business so much you don’t know what to do. 

You make up for low performance with going above and beyond to arrange socials or mentor team members when you should be working out how to execute. 

Whilst you are valuable and can buy time with goodwill, the business will not take your results lightly forever. 

In order to move up you need to start reprioritising what matters the most. Is this the job for you? Or is something else going to align better? 

Note - this is not designed to scare you, this is designed to help you understand how the business views you. 

5. Bottom 

Unfortunately, if every team has a top it will also have a bottom. This is, without doubt, the scariest place to be. 

Its likely you both do not align fully with the company values or enjoy the job you are doing day to day and therefore do not fully commit to learning it. 

Occasionally, I’ve seen people who just ‘can’t learn’ but this is very rare. You’re much more likely to feel like the role, responsibilities and culture isn’t fully you. 

You wake up not motivated. You get the Sunday blues. 

You’re someone the business will be concerned about but you’re also someone who can make decisions for themselves. So if you are reading this and feel this is you, I implore you to take ownership of your career. 

After all, if you don’t I’m afraid the business will (and no-one wants that unless they’re evil). 

Finding Your ‘‘Values Fit’’ 
  1. Write: Write down 10 things you love and hate about your current job. Extreme feelings are good. It means we don’t settle for jobs where we feel them again. 

  2. Research: Then build a list of companies and call it ‘‘IEP’’ - Ideal Employer Profile. Who do you want to work for? What do they need to be and stand for to get the best out of you? 

  3. Outreach: Reach out to people in the team and ask questions // network with them to see what its like to work there. 

  4. Interviews: Ask questions about their values and get examples of how they live them. Is that how you’d expect that value to be lived day to day? Do you align with it? If yes, that’s a good sign this leader and manager is on your wavelength. Remember, you’re IEP should be: 

  • Your perfect employer {not your favourite brand} 

  • Aligned to your values and mission

A well-defined IEP should means all of your effort goes to a company that deserves you. 

But always remember, even if you find a great values fit the role itself may not be something you end up loving forever. 


Remember - your values are your starting point. From there work out your IEP and focus all your time into finding that company. 

If you’re not at that place yet, that’s okay. You’re career should be dedicated to finding it. 

Because when you do, you’ll fly and theres a perfect role out there for everyone. 

So take the time to make sure you’re in the right company for you. Do your research on your next company before you join and no matter what, remember; all your careers decisions are yours and yours alone. 

So own them! 

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© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.

© 2024 Chris Ritson. All right reserved.