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Why every SDR should build a Personal Brand

A short guide to why personal brands are pipeline gen machines

Chris Ritson

28 Apr 2023

3 mins, 12 secs

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Let’s get into it…

Personal Brands and SDRs: 

I don’t know many SDRs who know how to build Personal Brands in 2023. 

But the ones that do, will not only win big themselves, their companies will also win big in return. 

It’s no secret social media has taken over the world. 

But what leaders aren’t considering is that it’s the easiest and cheapest way to build brand loyalty and trust in 2023. 

More Trust = more Pipeline and Sales. 

So, how can you utilize SDRs to build trust? 

Well, they need to be trained. Just saying ‘post on social’ isn’t good enough. That’s like saying ‘Just cold call’. It won’t work very well. 

You may be thinking; ‘'I have no time to train them’. Okay, buy a course for the team online, use Justin Welsh it’ll cost say $150 for everyone to complete. Easy enough. 

But you probably still need convincing on why you should train SDRs on how to build a personal brand. 

Okay. Here’s an example post I made (I’ve been posting for 5 months).

This post reached 31,199 people. That’s 62,398 eyeballs. 

It generated 310 likes, 30 comments, and 4 reposts. 

Most importantly I also got 2 leads from this post. 

1 of which turned into a £36,000 deal for me. 

You see the funnel above ^^ pretty snazzy right!! Imagine the revenue impact your team could have if they had personal brands… 

The point is, it got attention, and winning attention is where companies need to focus in order to win trust. 

Your SDRs can win attention for you, but you need to enable them how to. 

I hope this helps, if you want more on it just respond to this email or message me

SDR Leader of the Week:

Please meet the one and only; Michael Lamb, SDR Leader.

His journey:

I think this is class; Mike started out wanting to be an M+S store manager growing up. Instead, he got a sales role straight out of uni. Survived 12 rounds of redundancies at WeWork where he was a top performer and found his way into SDR Leadership from there. Absolute rollercoaster! 

His mantra (in his words):

‘If you want a good quality of life, you gotta chase what’s fun’. By that, I think he meant managing SDRs! 

His advice for new SDR leaders:
  1. Focus on open honest, no-BS communication. 

  2. Everything leads to revenue, that’s your north star. 

  3. Make sure the team is motivated and if not, they are dedicated. 

I second ALL of the above. 

Thanks, Michael. 

P.S. If you want to join our SDR Leader Community/be featured in future editions, DM me.

That’s all for this week folks. 

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